About NCI
National Center for Innovation ( NCI )

The National Center for Innovation was established under Regulation No. (90) for the year 2018, in implementation of the recommendations of the National Strategy for Innovation for the years (2013-2017), as one of the centers affiliated with The Higher Council for Science and Technology (Add Link), chaired by His Royal Highness Prince Hassan bin Talal, to serve as the national umbrella for fostering and stimulating the innovation, entrepreneurship, and scientific research ecosystem in Jordan. It aims to be the national reference and main provider of information by tracking performance indicators of national innovation strategies to provide the government with feedback regarding the legal and regulatory aspects of innovation activities to ensure transparency and good performance. The NCI works in a comprehensive and integrated manner to organize and coordinate the efforts of stakeholders to enhance cooperation between the public and private sectors and control the inputs and outputs to organize and improve the working environment, to activate cooperation between science, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, with the aim of promoting Jordan as a regional center for innovation.

In its pursuit to organize the innovation, entrepreneurship, and scientific research ecosystem in Jordan and elevate the level of coordination among stakeholders, the National Center for Innovation has established the "Jordan Open Innovation Platform (JOIP)", a digital platform aiming to connect stakeholders, be they individuals or institutions, providing them with services and tools to assist them in their journey to discover innovation in a unique way similar to social media sites. It does this by linking to reliable global databases, relying on artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance cooperation and matchmaking among them to coordinate efforts interactively, to promote their various activities, exchange ideas and experiences, and share knowledge. This enables the center to evaluate the reality of policies and strategic plans for innovation and scientific research in Jordan periodically to identify priorities at the national level, identify major challenges and obstacles to fill the gaps and overcome them to reach a knowledge-based economy.

Our Vision

“To be the national umbrella and innovation hub that catalyzes innovation in Jordan.”

Our Mission

"to establish the national innovation ecosystem by providing stimulating environment for innovation, entrepreneurship and business sector through innovation hub and marketplace that enhance the collaboration and partnership opportunities among stakeholders, and facilitate utilizing technology in innovation practices in a unique way to achieve sustainable development, support the national economy and enhance its competitiveness."

Strategic Goals

Establishing a comprehensive national innovation, entrepreneurship, and scientific research ecosystem to provide an enabling environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Providing advisory services to stakeholders in the innovation, entrepreneurship, and scientific research ecosystem and directing beneficiaries to appropriate resources about innovation and entrepreneurship.

Monitoring the activities of the innovation, entrepreneurship, and scientific research ecosystem, and providing the government with statistical reports and key performance indicators about it.

Connecting stakeholders in the innovation, entrepreneurship, and scientific research ecosystem through a digital platform to enhance cooperative relationships among them.

Nurturing the innovation, entrepreneurship, and scientific research ecosystem by coordinating local and international administrative, financial, and technical activities.

Meet NCI Team

Dr. Jihad Mohaidat


ext. 213

Hasan Alzu’bi

IT Manager 

ext. 226

 Sa’eed Nazmi Al-Sa’eed 

Marketing Manager

ext. 226

Faten Nsour

Executive Secretary

ext. 213
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